11 December 2008

The 12 Days of Teamas: Day 1

It's the holiday question that's been burning in everyone's mind: What to get the tea lover in you life?

Since I love telling people what to do, look no further. Tea Spot will be featuring a unique gift for each of the next 12 days. And my math isn't that bad; I do realize it's more than 12 days till Christmas. But if you're unlike me, you actually do plan ahead and will need to get some of this shopping done before Christmas Eve.

The list opens, appropriately, with flowering tea- Numi's flowering tea gift set ($39.99), which includes a clear glass teapot and nine different varieties of flowering teas, from whites to greens to oolongs, all tucked into a reusable bamboo box.

These teas are as entertaining to watch as they are to drink, and if you have a tea drinker in your life who thinks they've seen everything, it would be perfect.

Lamenting your empty wallet as you consider your list? Well, what makes Tea Spot's gift guide the epitome of all those out there is that you can actually win this very item- all for your selfish self, or for someone on your list.

Just leave a comment on any of The 12 Days of Teamas posts by December 15th, and tell me your favorite tea to give or receive. After I consult my numerologist to pick a random number, today's fabulous flowering tea gift set could be yours, absolutely free. I'll send it to you in one piece and everything. How's that for a happy holiday?


mike said...
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mike said...

my favorite tea to give, receive, drink, eat, smell, bath in, and anything else: silver needle.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

well my favorite tea to give or receive is a good (or mediocre) Assam or Darjeeling--something straight up and in a very pretty tin to wake me and everyone else up in the morning. I'm not much of a connoiseur as you know (hell, i don't even know how to spell connoissiur) but I know what I like.

GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

I love to give Harney's Brigitte's Blend, it is a soft, gentle tea, good with milk and without, with sugar and without, hard to overbrew.

I wish someone would give me Assam Golden Tips. It is a beauteous tea, worth its high price, but it would be lovely to get it as a gift.

B said...
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Brooke M. said...

There is a local tea shop in Nashville where I buy green chai spice. I love iit and I've gotten my family hooked on it as well!

EPH said...

My favorite tea to give would probably be a gunpowder varietal, if only to watch the recipient's wonder at the transformation of the little balls.