16 October 2008

Soy Polloi

Four small tables; pistachio-ice-cream-colored walls; a bathroom that could be found inside a 747.

With a steaming cup of genmaicha ($1.25) in hand, this is where I happily spent last night.

It's all at the tiny Japanese home-cooking restaurant Soy (102 Suffolk St., btw. Delancey and Rivington). I recently read an encouraging review, and I figured there was some tea to be tasted there. Plus I don't think I'd graced that particular block with my presence before, which could only boost the real-estate value.

Even though my tea was bagged, its nutty flavor went well with all the savories I tried: the crisp, homemade edamame-stuffed gyoza, the how-can-you-not-order-it treasure sack (soft tofu and vegetables wrapped in a sweet tofu pouch) and my favorite, the ginger tofu. If that sounds like a soy overload, it wasn't- and it was also less salty than Japanese food can sometimes be.

The star of the meal, however, was the green-tea cheesecake ($4.95): two layers of light, creamy deliciousness- fluffy matcha on top, and suprisingly rich tofu underneath. This, with another cup of green tea (which the waitress refilled my cup for, a small touch but one that is often forgotten) was the highlight of my day.

That may say something about my days lately. Or maybe it was just all the estrogen coursing through my veins.


Christine, soy lover, said...

You forgot to mention the many soy-related jokes made while at the restaurant. You know, like "This is SOY good", etc.

You're right about the estrogen. When I left, I found myself having heart-to-heart talks with strange women on the street.

ana dane said...

what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Green tea cheese--isn't that a lunar composition?