08 August 2008

Pucker Up, Buttercups: Cranberry Iced Tea

Inspired by the best iced tea I've tasted so far this summer, I of course had to try to replicate it at home.

That way, I never have to leave my apartment.

Cranberry Iced Tea

Set 6 tablespoons English breakfast or orange pekoe tea in 4 cups of water in the refrigerator overnight, or at least 10 hours.

Remove tea and stir in 1 cup unsweetened cranberry juice and 4-5 tablespoons honey, or to taste. Serve over ice.

This tea is quite strong and tart; the antioxidants are palpable with every sip. It's far from that artificial, this-must-be-bad-for-my-kidneys taste I've encountered in other fruit teas, both fresh and bottled, so it's worth a try even if you usually like your tea unadorned.

If you're not enamored of straight-up cranberry, you could replace it with an equal amount of sweetened, blended cranberry juice, and leave out the honey. Either way, I'd imagine this hot would also fit right in at a winter holiday party- and then, you could float a few in-season cranberries on top for a garnish.

And for all the stylists out there, the '70s-era Jena glass cup and saucer were a recent gift, and that of the absolute best kind: completely spontaneous and unnecessary.

I admired them while having a cup of tea in a friend's home, and they were promptly packed up for me to take back to the city when I left. I treasure little mementos like that, especially when they have a story behind them.


GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

This summer I have been drinking half black tea (usually Ceylon this year) and half Pomegranate juice, which is quite yummy and packs the same sweet-tart taste (I am allergic to cranberries. And other things. But I digress ...)
The glasses are lovely.
I turned up here after finding your blog from the Teamail online discussion list, by the way.

soleslide said...

Maybe you should plan to visit Darjeling for your next vacation. There are dozens of family-owned tea estates who never sell their teas on the open market. It is all snapped up by individual buyers from around the world even before the season starts. Rolling hills covered in mist, green slopes, tea gardens....

ana dane said...

soleslide, i'd love to go to darjeeling. a generous friend brought me back a huge bag of tea when he was visiting there, and it was unlike any black tea i've ever tasted- so fragrant and delicious.

i also will try the pomegranate juice, graceanne. thanks for the suggestion.

avra romanowitz said...

the recent gift was somewhat like the recent visit: spontaneous but (for this girl) very necessary. i passed the link along to the giver.