29 September 2008

Taim: Israeli Good

This may be a blog about tea, but I'm going to let you in on a secret: where to find the best falafel in the city.

It's at the diminutive and immaculate Israeli spot Taim (222 Waverly Place @ 7th Ave.), and it comes in three flavors (green, red and harissa). As you bite through the balls' crispy, crackly exterior to get at the ethereal, steaming, fresh filling, tears of joy will come to your eyes.

And this isn't completely off topic, because there are several tea offerings there as well. Accompanied by an incredible jewelry designer, I stopped in the other afternoon, passing up the homemade pomegranate iced tea and milky chai for a cup of mint tea with honey ($1.75). There's approximately 3.5 stools inside, so I needed something that would keep me warm as we sat on the bench outside and watched the new autumnal dusk overtake the West Village.

It's not better than the Moroccan mint tea I like to make at home, but for less than $2, it manages to be simultaneously refreshing and calming. Where else in Manhattan can you find a deal like that?


amy said...

oh thanks for the tip! i am VERY picky about my falafel, so i'll make sure to check this out when i'm next in the village!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hmmm...i'll have to try that but i'm not so sure about the mint tea--if you say so..what were you doing in the big bad east village all by your lonesome? should have called me!

Camille said...

Next time I make a trip to visit the family I will make a visit here.

avra romanowitz said...

sounds like the joint is aptly named. taim, pronounced TY-eem, means "tasty." yum!