17 January 2011

Waiting for Good Donuts

Some bleary mornings, you just wake up dreaming of donuts.

Especially when a friend writes the night before, telling you she will have bag full of them and asks if you'd like her to drop by for breakfast.

And especially when the donuts are born at none other than Peter Pan (727 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn), a bakery in Greenpoint.

Peter Pan is no chi-chi Doughnut Plant, but while I adore its 1960s-Warsaw charm, it's not close enough for me to go often (which is probably a good thing). These donuts are dangerous: sweet, not too dense, and the best you can feel for $1. There are dozens of flavors, but my favorite remains the sour cream glazed.

And as I waited for my delivery, I had time to select the perfect donut-accompanying tea- a bold one, with a lot of body, to stand up to all that sugary delight. Keemun is ideal: A strong Chinese black tea, it brews up a deeply fragrant cup, with intoxicating notes of chocolate and dark berries.

I too often overlook these rich, tobacco-colored little leaves, but I really shouldn't. Keemun is such a full flavored, almost velvety cup of tea, it should be drunk regardless of your donut status.

After a few cups, you almost don't need the donut. Almost.


cha sen said...

Glad you're back to writing about the sweet stuff :)

Anonymous said...

That headline? The best. Ever.

Anonymous said...

It has been ages since I put my lips to a cup of keemun. Your post reminded me of who I was when last I sipped on keemun tea. Mon dieu! I nearly forgot that girl. I think I'll have to buy some keemun tea and have a cup in honor of who I used to be (and who I am becoming). Thanks for the nostalgia inducing post.

Snow-globe said...

I must try these donuts. Soon.

movita said...

Dear Ana,

Our mutual friend, Bobbie, feels that we are kindred spirits, and sent me the link to your blog last night.

I think I have to agree.


notesontea said...

Glad for the new post! I have been drinking a lot of black tea lately; must get a Keemun in the rotation.

lelia said...

Ok, now I am hungry for donuts and Keemum....guess its time to go to the store. I'll add this to my list of NYC places to visit and taste.

king said...

I've yet to find a donut that comes close to the original unglazed variety at this shop. Walking to work very early one morning I stopped by and had a warm fresh donut. Such an amazing treat!

Anonymous said...

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