02 May 2008

Weekend Reading

To start the weekend off right, a little amuse bouche. Initially I thought it had something to do with teapots, but no.

Remember, we're laughing with Steve and his trusty sidecar, not at him. Does the first word of his first post signify a clever greeting, or simply a confirmation of his mind state?


Anonymous said...


i think i got a contact high from those two posts.

pizza anyone?

deb said...

I just ate raw tea. anyone? anyone?

Anonymous said...

I remember from college (or actually, post college in my case, in Ed Dormady's house on Williams Street), the entire act of rolling the pot, lighting it up, inhaling it, the first tinge of high - much like a tea ceremony in some respects. The way the ceremony itself bonds you to the people around you in the same manner a religious ceremony might.

I do think we're laughing with Steve rather than at him. To laugh at him presumes that tea is somehow a more pristine drug, or perhaps a drug that brings one closer to god than other drugs. God said, "you shall have no other god before Me", putting tea and pot in the same category - leaves from mother earth (a pre-god goddess that allowed us to worship what the ground gives us, instead of what the desert pukes out in 40 years of abstinence) that give pleasure, and both provide a glimpse, however fleeting, into the eternal.

The difference between tea and pot is that tea is a drug of warmth. Pot and coffee are drugs for people who want to get somewhere. They want to get high, they want to get faster, they want to wake up. Tea is on a cold day, people sitting around with their hands cupped around a hot cup, getting warmer to stop the shivering.

And now I think I need someone to take me to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

That just blew my mind insurance!