08 May 2008

Tea for Three

It's funny how tea can be the perfect thing to enjoy in silent moments alone as well as ideal for sharing with those close to you. I can't say I prefer one over the other- each time has its unique appeal.

Today, however, it was tea for three at the Bonbon Oiseau jewelry studio: more Hou Shan Yellow Buds from Ito En. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, including one of the studio's feline mascots. I've been addicted to the yellow tea lately not only because of its incredibly full yet light flavor, but also because it's a spring-only treat. I'm reluctant to usher in the summer it would appear also from my delay of The Great Iced Tea Experiment of 2008. It just hasn't been that hot here, so it's difficult to stay motivated on the cold-brew track. Maybe next week.

Finally, this hardly comes as a surprise with all the TV reporters, press attention and interview requests I've been fielding, but I've already started to receive blogger loot. See what happens? You start boring people with inane stories about heated, flavored water and all of sudden, things you write about - like teapots that you would readily kill for - start appearing on your doorstep. It's that simple. I can't believe I've waited so many years to do this.

The little red number really looks right at home. And as soon as I can find three friends to complete my gorgeous new four-cup set, I can't wait to put it to work.


christine said...

I hope that The Great Iced Tea Experiment 2008 goes better than The Great Metal Underwear Experiment 2003 and The Great Giant Furniture Cozy Experiment 1997.

ana dane said...

Or at the very least, The Great Walkman Walk-Off 1985. My little legs just couldn't keep up.