23 May 2008

An Even Puffier Piece

So it doesn't have a lot to do with tea, but as I was sitting, enjoying my Umegashima sencha this morning and appreciating its verdant, made-for-spring taste, I kept hearing something.

Something squawking urgently. Over and over.

And it is spring, after all, so behold: the baby starling on my back porch. I can honestly say I've never seen anything cuter in my entire life. If only I could somehow keep him calm enough to sit in a little tiny teacup and let me immortalize him digitally.

I'd have to win some sort of blog award then. And I would use all the prize money for birdseed and tea.


Anonymous said...

glack! that thing is cute! make some worm tea! stat!

christine said...

Who's anonymous? What does glack mean?

Anonymous said...

Who's anonymous? Precisely! As for "glack" my guess is that it's a sound a baby starling might make.

Another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

are you saying you'd like to make a baby starling tea? That's either genius or inhumane!