06 May 2008

Matcha Latte

The only thing better than a delicious cup of tea, of course, is if someone else makes it for you.

Since most people are borderline blockheads, however, this can pose a problem if you feel like being served. So you need to choose wisely.

And if it's green tea you seek, then you should go to the experts: the Japanese. An outpost of green-tea purveyor Tafu opened in Manhattan last fall, tucked into the bottom of the Double Tree Hotel on 51st St. It's a bit of an odd location for possibly the best cup of matcha you can find in the city.

Matcha, or powdered green tea, is tricky to prepare correctly- it must be carefully sifted and beaten with a bamboo whisk to produce the slightly foamy brew. Tafu has Starbucked the process for us lazy Americans, though, and offers delightful sweet lattes (plain, caramel, chocolate or of course, a la mode) in addition to the traditional, soothing bowl of matcha. Yes, tea lattes. Why should only coffee drinkers get to claim such hipness?

Yes, a small costs $5. But when you're wandering through the crowds of disgruntled midtown office workers with your minty-green matcha in hand and you're the only one in a good mood, you'll realize it was worth it.


deb said...

maybe will try it this afternoon---i'll be in that neighborhood!

Li-Po said...

out here in the boonies, Japanese tea shops do not abound. Trader Joe's makes a pretty good Matcha Latte mix. i get that sometimes.
in terms of preparing matcha, i have the bamboo whisk and whatnot but i am never convinced that 1) it works, and 2) that i'm doing it right. it gets all bubbly but i wouldn't say "frothy". i need to see the real prep in action i guess. Everyone should report here with details.

ana dane said...

matcha is a bitch, truly. i'll cover it in future posts, but i think it requires formal instruction to really master the preparation of it.

so don't feel too badly.

marva gladstone said...

Hmmmm.... do you think it's worth going to 51st Street? I want to try that, but 51st Street sucks.

ana dane said...

it actually is, especially on a nasty, rainy day like this. can you bring me a hot caramel matcha latte? k thanks bye.

Dr.Gray said...

I just dont get it. Matcha tea is instant to make. Yet people are still to lazy to make it themselves. Do yourself a favor go online and find yourself a good importer. It will be cheaper and of much better quality. And Trader Joes does not count as a importer. Try something like - latte matcha. When will people get out of the chain store mentality?