05 February 2009

You Got Chocolate in My Tea

A little shock is good for the system.

That's why this post is coming from the inside- inside the City Bakery (3 W 18th St.), which is holding the 17th annual celebration of the second best drink in the world.

We all know it's no tea, but at the restaurant's month-long Hot Chocolate Festival, a different flavor is available every single day, from caramel, lemon and passion fruit (yes please) to beer, banana peel and bourbon (no thanks). And today's, god save the queen, is earl grey tea hot chocolate ($5).

Does the combination work? Well, it is the best hot cocoa I've ever had out- it's like drinking liquid pleasure- but that characteristic earl grey flavor is a bit overwhelmed by the rich creaminess of the chocolate.

Still, sipping it right now- between bites of City Bakery's unique salty-sweet pretzel croissant ($3.75), of course- I can't think of anyplace I'd rather be. (It being 17° out makes staying here, hands wrapped around the warm cup, even more enticing.)

Bundle up and get over here for possibly your only chance at drinking tea and hot chocolate simultaneously. Because after today, this flavor is gone.


Anonymous said...

1. thou shalt knock bourbon

2. what's the ratio of earl grey to hot chocolate?

ana dane said...

i don't know the tea-chocolate ratio, but it really could stand to be upped. earl grey does have such a strong fragrance and flavor, i was surprised to barely notice it.

still, it's a damn good cup of cocoa, even if it did put me into a moaning chococoma for the rest of the day.

and p.s., bourbon is disgusting.

montague said...

VERY interesting!

Camille said...

I wish I could walk on over for a cup..a cup every day of the festival..nothing better!

Vee said...

Mmm... I love their pretzel croissants, and the Earl Grey hot cocoa sounds delicious! My friend Evan used to work there. Oh, the tastiness!

BTW, I am surprised I didn't find your blog sooner! I am a fellow NYC tea blogger. I'm moving to Charlotte, NC next week, but my tea adventures will continue there, as I am doing staff training for the second location of a tea spa I used to manage. While I'm there, I'll be sure to keep up on NYC tea trends through your visual treat of a blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog, but back before the big, bad economic crisis, the hospital where I work stocked hot chocolate (of the powdered sort) and various teabags. I would drop an Earl Grey in my cocoa, and it was one of two "call cocktails" that made long nights more tolerable. Now I am stuck scrounging only the cranberry juice/diet ginger ale combo, and probably that won't be available for much longer, either.

GoodmorningNightmare said...

I will try the hot chocolate tomorrow!
Thanks for your post.