28 January 2014

A Cup That Cheers

"Don't spoil good tea by bad preparation. Let every cup you make be a cup that cheers."

I recently came across this little tea how-to gem, from 1941, and yes, sat through the entire ten minutes. (Seems like people had a longer attention span back then- including me, as I started writing this last week but got caught up in baby porcupine and Public Enemy videos.)

It's also coming from a guy in lab coat with a cool British accent, so pay attention:

The advice on how to brew a good cup is surprisingly accurate, even 70 years later- although the sections on how to best sweeten and milk large quantities in urns may be slightly less applicable. No one likes an urn.

"Remember: tea is not a manufactured article which can made bufflebuck, and served at will. It must be made every time it is required."