09 August 2012

The Beauty of Sencha

This year, I've been sitting down to drink with an old tea friend, from back in my compulsive-shopping Ito En days. He's arguably more into Japanese greens than I am (and not arguably far more knowledgeable about them). He also has a tea company of his own now- from what I've tasted, it's some lovely stuff- but one of my favorite things about drinking tea together is how approachable he makes it. (And the fact that he will wait patiently as I ogle his endless photos of tea fields and those gorgeous emerald leaves.)

I've been following his latest journey to the farm in Yame and throughout Japan this summer, and the photos make me want to go there even more.

Sencha is like an another old friend to me. It and gyokuro are the teas that opened my senses, allowing me to actually taste tea. The groundwork for the obsession had been laid years earlier (more on that soon), but it was these particular leaves that lit the match.


Anonymous said...

Post pix make me green w/envy

Ashleigh said...

what a gorgeous tea pot!

Chih-Houng Lo said...

I've had the privilege to try some Gyokuro while I was in Beijing. It was purchased during an auction in Japan. I must say the taste was very interesting, but it seemed to be hiding its lesser parts by using lower temperature water. :/