27 October 2008

Is It Possible for Me to Smell Any Better?

A question you should ask yourself at least daily.

If the answer isn't to your liking, then there is a temporary solution: green tea mints ($1.99) from Trader Joe's.

These were a true impulse buy at the checkout yesterday; Sunday nights always require a little treat, at least to get my upcoming week started.

And while they may play into the "it's green tea, so it's good for me" scam, these mints are quite tasty. Matcha is the second ingredient (after sugar, so you know they can't be that bad), providing a surprisingly authentic vegetal punch.

There's even a pleasant, lingering pepperminty finish, especially helpful on those days you may have forgotten to brush your teeth because you spent 35 minutes changing outfits and are now running really, really late.

Just resist the urge to eat the whole tin at one time. I did that with some cinnamon Altoids a few years back (I was at a bowling alley, hungry and bored) and haven't had mints since because of the damage done to my tongue- for a solid week afterward, any dairy products I ate tasted like I was licking knives.

Three of these in a row seems perfectly safe, however. Do your neighbors a favor and get some.


nadia said...

I am glad you posted these- i alos like your collage

avra romanowitz said...

it helps that they're so gosh darn cute, too!

christine said...

Very very cute to put them on a stick! Adorable.

Teep said...

Changing outfits? What's that? Never mind... as for your excuse for eating a whole tin of Altoids, I don't buy it. There had to be something else in play there... like a serious psyche out by "The Jesus"

As for TJ's I will agree, it's tough to leave w/o making a checkout impulse buy... for me that's usually something with "Ritter Sport" written on it.

ana dane said...

the "corny"- ritter chocolate studded with cornflakes- is shockingly delicious.