11 October 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

And what better way to celebrate it than a rich slice of homemade flourless chocolate cake, dusted with cocoa and matcha, chased down with a cup of Umegashima sencha?

Well, a few lovely presents- all tea-related, of course.

And a pinkies-extended, Champagne-laden afternoon tea in one of Manhattan's most venerable, opulent tea rooms. I'll tell you and this small brown puppy all about it tomorrow- I don't believe they allow dogs.


amy said...

happy birthday darling! hope you have a great one!

Penelope said...

Have you seen this dog? I have. I have seen small brown puppy but mostly I want to pat him. HAPPY BIRFDAY.


Bonbon Oiseau said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ana,

It's Jonathan Blum from TheStreet
is this u? Is so hit me back here blumj@mindspring.com

If not, cool blog!


Dave's Blog said...

Belated Happy Birthday to You!!!


lazysundae said...

happy belated, ana dane!

nadia said...

Oh hope your birthday was wonderful!!!