15 June 2008

Introducing Mr. Tea

He may not have taught me about tea, but he certainly did teach me countless other things about food- like how to appreciate the finest in chocolate, wine and deliciously stinky cheese, as well as the Platonic ideal of an omlette- always in an opinionated way, but always devoid of ego.

And now he lets me teach him things. So today's gifts have been a cup of Dragonwell green tea and a chocolate croissant for breakfast, swiftly followed by too many culinary offerings at the annual arts festival that takes over my tiny hometown in Massachusetts one weekend every June.

There was the strawberry shortcake yesterday, for lunch:

And then something savory today, a crisp Greek salad topped with falafel (a word that I can attest was never uttered in this town before 2002), along with a surprising brew: lavender iced tea. I've never had it before, but I'll be recreating it as soon as I get back to New York. It was lightly fragrant and pleasantly sweetened black tea, and it cut through the saltiness of the salad perfectly.

And finally, one more strawberry shortcake to top it all off, just to make sure it really was as good as I remembered. Oh, and to see how it paired with the iced tea (beautifully).

Happy Father's Day, Dad.


christine said...

Notice how none of us can make any snarky comments because your post was sentimental?

When your parents adopt me I'll be writing sentimental comments on my blog about them as well.

ana dane said...

sorry about that. i'll really try to be more mean-spirited in the future.

Penelope said...

how was the strawberry shortcake? i confess i've eaten two or three of those in one day before...but did DAD eat strawberry shortcake?

ana dane said...

he not only ate it, he went back up twice to get more whipped cream on it.

john said...

I can't think of a more delightful pupil.