27 January 2013

Thirteen Proprieties for Tea

"Third condition: Tranquil and elegant sitting area. When drinking tea in quiet and tasteful surroundings, a calm and quiet atmosphere, may you be at ease and unconcerned about the affairs of the world for a moment."

-Feng Ke Bing, Thirteen Proprieties for Tea from Annotations of Jie Tea (1642)


glilygirl said...

Good Advice! And, never drink tea while you clean house. It's just wrong.

Alicia Conway said...

I've found out that tea is a great helper during hangover. There's plenty of advice concerning this:
Healing tea.
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Buttercrunch Nj said...

There's nothing like the rich luxury of hand-dipped chocolate and finely crafted fudge to provide a tiny escape from the monotony of the day. And there's really nothing like a delicious chocolate creation from Suzi's!