03 July 2008

Green-Eyed Monster Strikes Again

How did I forget that I already had seven different types of tea before I went on my buying rampage yesterday?

At least I didn't end up with any duplicates, but it would have been beneficial to stick to my vow to try all-new teas. Once again, I ended up with a majority of Japanese greens. I can't help it. They're my crack.

The goods:
  • Megami sencha: A subtly vegetal Japanese green, this brews up a particularly vibrant emerald cup.

  • Okumidori sencha: Another sweet Japanese green. I'm curious to try this, Megami and Umegashima sencha together for a side-by-side comparison, especially since I can never remember which one is my favorite.

  • Uji gyokoro: At over $15 an ounce, this is the one I save for quiet mornings alone, or when the stray tea master drops in. It's been my favorite tea for years.
  • Pi lo chun: A Chinese green (new to me) that's also called, somewhat unappetizingly, "spring green snail," due to its leaves' characteristic spiral curl (and with hope, not taste).

  • Matcha: There are two primary drinking grades of this powdered Japanese green, koicha (thick) and usucha (thin), which refer to how they're prepared and the texture of the final cup. Usucha is lighter but less sweet, and a better choice for matcha novices.
Tasting notes on all of these will be coming over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I may need to find a less expensive passion.

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